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Production planning software

Production enquiry managementobject shadow

Production enquiry management

Manage all new business enquiries in one central location. Use the production planning software to control what data is collected, by which team and at which stage. 

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Production quote managementobject shadow

Production quote management

Log, send out and schedule follow ups on all your quotes through our production planning software. Use the integrated forms to easily generate a quote and keep track of its progress. And store all data for future new business campaigns.

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Production planning processesobject shadow

Production planning processes

Once an order is approved, the production planning software will seamlessly guide you through the operations process from start to finish. Easily pass the job from department to department ensuring all relevant work is completed.

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Production document managementobject shadow

Production document management

Keep records of order acknowledgements, invoices, time plans and customer approvals and attach to the relevant case withinin the production planning software so that all important operations information is always at your fingertips.

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Production stock controlobject shadow

Production stock control

Raise purchase orders for any stock associated to a job and link to the relevant case, ensuring all stock items are always accounted for.

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Production planning time managementobject shadow

Production planning time management

Log all time spent on a project from any department and attach to the relevant case using the timesheets tool.

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Production planning invoice managementobject shadow

Production planning invoice management

Enjoy the convenience of being able to generate customer invoices through the production planning software at any stage that you need to and attaching to the relevant case.

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View snapshot graphs of activity from your whole CasePRO™ database on a single screen.

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What Our Customers Say

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"When we started using CasePRO™ we loaded all the leads into it as they were generated from the call centre and then used CasePRO™ to process the cases, change status codes and add case notes. The CAM's got used to it quickly, the managers loved it and very early on the reporting that replaced our excel spreadsheets gave us some great insights into the business.

We built new screens to make the credit searches more efficient and created workflows for our Quality Team and Value Added Teams who have doubled productivity as a consequence.”

Smarter Loan


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