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Sales Management Software

Sales management software for contactsobject shadow

Sales management software for contacts

See a complete overview of all activity associated to a prospect or customer. View conversations, key personnel and notes so you’re equipped with all the information you need to close that sale.

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Sales management software for leadsobject shadow

Sales management software for leads

Capture, allocate, qualify and prioritise your leads in the sales management software. Quickly see all details of deals – what stage they’re at, products they’re interested in, quotes and objections. Easily stay connected with your prospects and provide quality information.

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Sales management software for quotesobject shadow

Sales management software for quotes

Deliver quotes and proposals efficiently and swiftly. Manage the whole sales process from the initial enquiry to the final sale using document templates designed to your specification in one sales management software solution.

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Automate sales processesobject shadow

Automate sales processes

Create and deploy automated sales emails, letters and SMS and to stay in constant contact with any customers or prospects. Shorten the sales cycle and convert leads into new business.

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Sales process workflowsobject shadow

Sales process workflows

Increase efficiency and reduce admin using the sophisticated workflow tool integrated into the sales management software. Configure your sales process from simple tasks and reminders to complicated sales processes.

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Sales management software for opportunitiesobject shadow

Sales management software for opportunities

Create processes for your sales team to follow and easily track the progress of a sale from start to finish.

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Sales reportsobject shadow

Sales reports

Gain total control of your sales activity with instantaneous sales management reports. View all sales activity for your entire organisation, by individual or team. Use the statistical data to make future improvements.

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What Our Customers Say

Just Mortgage Packagingobject shadow

"As a Mortgage Packager we wanted a system that would bring structure and control to our business but at the same time have the flexibility to be designed and configured to meet our own individual company requirements. CasePRO™ brings that control but also allows us to dictate how we want it to work for us, which means we can still be the company we want to be rather than the company our software system forces us to be. CasePRO™ instantly made us proactive on individual cases, it has improved our service and decreased our "days to offer" figures. Backed up with a high quality training and support programme we are certainly glad we placed our trust with CasePRO.”

Just Mortgage Packaging


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