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Customer Care

After six months customers are invited to join the Customer Care Plan.

What is the Customer Care Plan?

After your first six months, each year will we give you eight hours of free dedicated CasePRO™ time. There are several ways you can use your allocation.

Each month we will provide you with a breakdown of how you have used your customer care hours and also some suggestions on how you can get the most out of this time.

What does it include?

CasePRO Tidy Up

Let us do a review of any aspect of your CasePRO™ system that you think may need improving. This could include:  

  • A review of organisational processes and suggestions for adapting CasePRO™ to help improve these.
  • An analysis of how you use the standard letters, emails, SMS functions and the benefits of using these.
  • Evaluation of how you collect and use data and the best way to set up your data capture screens with validation.
  • How to manage your CasePRO™ database and how much data you are holding.
  • If you’re business is going through a period of growth or change, we can make suggestions working with your CasePRO™ system administrator to help with changes.

Education & Training

If you are thinking of launching CasePRO™ into a new business area or want to improve the existing system. Let us know which area of CasePRO™ you want to learn more about and we can set up a webinar for up to 3 people at a time. Or we can create a short educational video to talk you through it.

Supporting Documents

Alternatively we could put together a brief training document for you on any area of CasePRO™ you like tailored specifically for your organisation.

Training & Re-Training

Use your customer care hours to train new staff or retrain existing staff. We will discuss your training needs with you to create a tailor made, remote access training session.


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What Our Customers Say

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"As a Mortgage Packager we wanted a system that would bring structure and control to our business but at the same time have the flexibility to be designed and configured to meet our own individual company requirements. CasePRO™ brings that control but also allows us to dictate how we want it to work for us, which means we can still be the company we want to be rather than the company our software system forces us to be. CasePRO™ instantly made us proactive on individual cases, it has improved our service and decreased our "days to offer" figures. Backed up with a high quality training and support programme we are certainly glad we placed our trust with CasePRO.”

Just Mortgage Packaging


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Please insert your name and email to download your free document:

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